Monday, May 7, 2007


This past weekend I had the pleasure of going to a stamping retreat located near Lake Whitney. This was my 3rd time going and is hosted by a fellow demonstrator. I love these weekends away...nothing but scrapping, stamping, sleeping and eating. I got a lot accomplished. I'll share some of those things with you later. It was so hard getting up for work this morning!!! :-( It's weekends like this that make me wish I didn't work and could do this all day, everyday.

Well, as you know, the SU! list is out and boy, is it!! I've heard there are over 200 stamp sets retiring and several wheels. To see the list, click here. Even though there is a long list of wheels, they are going fast so if there is one you've had your eye on, you better get it before it's gone. Here's a list of what is available. Everything else is no longer available.

137 - Dry Brush Jumbo
238 - Eau De Cologne
239 - Everyday Blossoms Jumbo
117 - Leaf Fest Jumbo
127 - Sew Sweet Jumbo
97 - Baby Time
121 - Blossoms & Bugs
142 - Farmyard Jumbo
88 - Hollyhock Jumbo
71 - Leaves & Swirls Jumbo
239 - Lots of Hearts Jumbo
26 - Love Swirls
81 - Millinery Jumbo
40 - Poinsettia Jumbo
65 - Polka Dot Blocks
31 - Spooky Spiders
39 - Star
40 - Swirling Stars Jumbo
53 - Twinkle
92 - Whirly-Twirly
40 - Woodcut Holly Jumbo

There is so much retiring and this doesn't even include the accessories! That list will be coming out next month.

I saw this on another blog site and thought it would be fun! If you are in the market for some stamps and LOVE a good sale this fun "game" may be for you! I have 15 envelopes. Inside each envelope is a discount amount. For the first 15 stamp sets purchased off the retiring list, I am offering a discount of anywhere between 5% and 50% off. For EACH stamp set you order, please pick a number between 1 and 15. I will assign that envelope to your stamp set and give you the discounted amount. After the 15 envelopes are gone, I will email you to let you know that the "sale" promotion is done and see if you are still interested in ordering the stamp set(s).

Here is an example of an email you could send:

Tiny Talk (envelope #3)
All Year Cheer II (envelope #10)

I will post a message on my blog once the 25 stamp sets are sold! Thought this might be a fun way to celebrate the "out with old"!

Also, this month's promotion is a sneak peak of the new designer paper. Check out my website for more details on how you can get a 6x6 paper set.

I hope to hear from you soon!!!

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